Westside Celebration

In 2013, when some leaders from the Westside Community tossed around dreams for their neighborhood, they all kept coming back to food! Not just food, but food shared over fellowship with each other…a community picnic!  The Westside Celebration was born!

On a Saturday morning (typically in late October), neighbors of Westside come together to host their own individual yard sales.  Leadership from within the community works to coordinate all of the details involving advertising and logistics. By mid-morning when all the “selling” is finished, the Neighborhood Store brings their trucks by to pick up any unsold items that the neighbors would like to donate to the community thrift store.  Then everyone takes a break, grabs a homemade dish, and heads over to the small community park where we feast together on BBQ from We Be Smokin’s own chef, Barry Brand.  The kids play and neighbors get a chance to re-connect and even meet some new faces.

The Westside Celebration is one of the highlights of our year as a community!